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IGI Sponsors a Roundtable Discussion in London Titled “Harnessing Risk Models to Drive Profitable Growth”

IGI sponsors a roundtable discussion under the title “Harnessing Risk Models to Drive Profitable Growth”, using IGI’s risk and capital modeling white paper prepared by IGI’s Simon Spurr and Sunnie Luthra as a basis

The event took place over lunch on Wednesday 18 April 2018 at the Royal Exchange in London.

The event was organized by the Insurance Day magazine and the roundtable was moderated by Lorenzo Spoerry, and attended by CROs of leading reinsurance companies.

IGI’s Chief Operating Officer Hatem Jabsheh attended the event.

There was great dialogue at the roundtable with all guests taking active part in discussions with insights, ideas and experiences. 

Attendees of the Roundtable:   

  • Michael Hoskings, CRO, Faraday
  • Graham White, CRO, HCC
  • Rachel Delhaise, CRO, Starstone
  • Ross McGee, CRO, One Re
  • David Marshall, Head of Capital, Actuarial, Channel Managing Agency
  • Hatem Jabsheh, Chief Operating Officer, IGI
  • Simon Spurr, Group Head of Risk Management, IGI
  • Sunnie Luthra, Risk & Capital Actuary, IGI
  • Aaida Abu-Jaber, PR &Marketing Manager, IGI
  • Sarah Mortimer, Account Director, rein4ce
  • Lorenzo Spoerry, Deputy Editor, Insurance Day (Chair)


  • Sebastian de Zulueta, Founder Director, Market Minds
  • Justin Davies, Head of Region, EMEA, Xceedance
  • Travis Macmillian, Chief Business Officer, Xceedance