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Our people are our most important asset; we have a track record for attracting and retaining the most talented people in their fields.

Each person recruited is handpicked for their experience and reputation in the marketplace.

Because of our size and structure, we have the agility required to take advantage of situations and opportunities as they arise. Our teams are fully empowered to make decisions, so allowing us to best serve the needs of each of our clients.

The company is committed to providing our people with:

  • Quality services based on research and analysis that meet professional and ethical standards
  • Accountability, innovativeness and continual learning and improvement
  • Fair outcomes and respect for diversity
  • Consultative and transparent decision-making and problem-solving


The company operates to high ethical standards, and provides a stimulating working environment by:

  • Enhancing our team's capability through provision of ongoing professional development
  • Recognising and rewarding excellent performance and achievements
  • Ensuring fair employment conditions and a safe and healthy working environment.

Our constant endeavour is to create and maintain a performance driven work culture focusing on employee satisfaction and retention. With attractive compensation packages, positive and productive work environment and challenging assignments and opportunities across the world, IGI is committed to being the employer of choice wherever it operates. We not only want to attract and retain the very best of professionals, but also want them to be partners in our growth.